The Christening of Felix


What a fab day at St Andrews church in Eastern Green Coventry today I was there for the christening of Felix. I first met his mummy at a lovely local breastfeeding group and got on straight away ! So when she said Felix was getting christened I offered to come along and take a few photos when she said there was going to be cake as well I knew i would definitely be there! This family are always smiley and welcoming don’t think i saw one frown all day!! The vicar requested no photography during the service so we got to fully enjoy the baptism with live music and some catchy hymns. Such a nice sound hearing a church full of laughter and music on a Sunday morning. If only more church services were like that!!

Then there was cake and the most scrumptious afternoon tea the scones tasted devine. Again the room was full of laughter and everyone made me feel so welcome even if I did occasionally get in there way (sorry!)

Thanks for having me guys !




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